All of our Training is based on proven theoretical models; provides clear key messages and frameworks; uses an interactive style and allows space fordiscussion, reflection and questions. We offer training for schools and church/community groups as well as class sessions for young people. To invite us to deliver any of our training and discuss the cost and your specific requirements, please fill out the form below.

Schools: Bereavement Awareness Sessions  |  Our bereavement awareness sessions are an opportunity for the young people in schools to engage with the topic of grief and loss with a trained mentor and facilitator. These sessions can be included as part of the PSHE curriculum. They usually take up one normal lesson, and can be adapted to suit any specific needs. Typically sessions will cover: 

  • The impact of loss of a young person. 
  • The process of grief. 
  • The best ways to support people dealing with loss. 
  • Recommendations on where to receive support/answer questions. 

To invite a us to deliver a lesson at your school, please complete the form. 

Schools: Staff Training: The Bereavement Toolkit  |  It can be incredibly challenging to support the young people in our schools who are dealing with grief and loss. Whether it is through bereavement or family break up, the impact is huge on the young person's life. As teachers, it is vital to have the tools to offer guidance and support. Our toolkit provides you with those tools. 

Our training will help you to:

  • Understand the nature of a student’s grief and how to support them in /positive and effective ways. 
  • Work with difficult feelings. There will be various exercises/demonstrations of creative ways of working with children.
  • Increase your knowledge of the grief process by presenting a variety of bereavement theories in a simplistic way. 
  • Raise your awareness of the issues involved with grief through theory, exercises and discussion. 

All of our training is based on proven theoretical models and provides clear key messages and frameworks for those supporting those dealing with lose and grief. Sessions are interactive and allows space for discussion, reflection and questions.

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Peer Mentoring  |   This can be delivered as a one session introduction; a half-day overview; or a full day of interactive sessions. Sessions can cover:

  • Who/What is a Peer Mentor?
  • Listening skills 
  • Mentoring vs Friendship (boundaries)
  • Confidentiality and Communication

Churches & Community Support Days  |  We are passionate about helping the local church and other groups to serve their community and support young people. We offer training for church pastoral teams, youth leaders and other groups who want to understand how best to support and care for the young people dealing with loss in their communities. This may be for one church/group or for several churches/groups in a local area.

Invite A Speaker  |  If you would like to book a speaker for your service, conference or event to share on the topic of grief, loss and how best to support young people during this time, please fill out the form below to get in touch.