Jaden's Story


Jaden’s school asked for him to receive mentoring when his behaviour in school changed and he described himself as angry and struggling with feelings about his dad, whom he’d not seen for 3 years.

What became clear through the mentoring sessions was that Jaden was angry and upset that he had not seen his Nan (his dad’s mum) since his dad had left. He missed her deeply and sessions helped him to let his mum know and ask her to speak with his Nan about this. His Nan was able to visit him and it made a very positive difference to Jaden to know that his Nan still cared about him.

The mentoring supported Jaden to keep in contact with his Nan and he wrote a beautiful card for Nan in one session that helped him to connect and express his feelings.

Jaden’s teachers reported that after his mentoring sessions Jaden appeared very visibly more relaxed and less agitated.

By the time his mentoring concluded Jaden was no longer walking out or getting sent out of class for disrupting lessons. He said that he was hopeful about his future and thought that he could now do well at school.

* Image of 'Jaden' - A Model has been used in place of Jaden to protect his identity