Tia's Story


When she began to attend mentoring sessions,14 year-old Tia had been feeling very low for over a year since her grandmother had died. Her parents were particularly concerned that she spent her evenings and weekends in her bedroom and avoided spending time with them or her sister. Tia had also previously harmed herself by cutting her arms.

After several mentoring sessions completing activities to build Tia’s self-esteem and encourage her to express her feelings through journaling and drawing,

Tia’s confidence had built so that she was willing to talk to other young people at school that she didn’t know, and also volunteered to get involved in a project advocating for young people at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. She said that, “being able to talk to my Pastoral Mentor and journal has made me feel less isolated and stressed, so I don’t need to cut now.”

Her mum phoned THIS WAY UP to say that they had had a lovely holiday where Tia had seemed to be a part of the family again. Tia’s transformation was also been talked about by her teachers.

* Image of 'Tia' - A Model has been used in place of Tia to protect her identity