Kieran's Story

After his parents separated, 12 year-old Kieran had been getting into trouble in school and at home his anger had led to him breaking a door off its hinges and fighting with his brother. In mentoring sessions Kieran spent time learning how the anger that people see can be anger at things they don’t see. He was given the space to talk about the things he felt angry about, and help to try and express his feelings constructively rather than exploding.

After several sessions, Kieran reported that a system he was using to let his brother know when he was getting annoyed was working so well that his mum had increased his pocket money and they’d gone to the cinema together as a treat. After several more sessions, Kieran was made an Ambassador for his school in recognition of the positive change in his behaviour and the good example he was to others.

Kieran’s feedback at the end of his sessions was that his Pastoral Mentor had helped him learn about his feelings and how to be in control of his anger.

* Image of 'Kieran' - A Model has been used in place of Kieran to protect his identity

Tia's Story

When she began to attend mentoring sessions,14 year-old Tia had been feeling very low for over a year since her grandmother had died. Her parents were particularly concerned that she spent her evenings and weekends in her bedroom and avoided spending time with them or her sister. Tia had also previously harmed herself by cutting her arms.

After several mentoring sessions completing activities to build Tia’s self-esteem and encourage her to express her feelings through journaling and drawing, Tia’s confidence had built so that she was willing to talk to other young people at school that she didn’t know, and also volunteered to get involved in a project advocating for young people at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. She said that, “being able to talk to my Pastoral Mentor and journal has lessened me feeling isolated and stressed, so I don’t need to cut now.”

Her mum phoned THIS WAY UP to say that they had had a lovely holiday where Tia had seemed to be a part of the family again. Tia’s transformation was also been talked about by her teachers.

* Image of 'Tia' - A Model has been used in place of Tia to protect his identity

John's Story

15 year-old John came to mentoring sessions 2 weeks after his dad had died unexpectedly after an epileptic fit. He used the space to talk about the funeral and process his different feelings. He enjoyed making a memory jar to commemorate and remember his dad, and said that “the mentoring sessions have helped me take time out to let out all my thoughts so I can carry on with other things the rest of the time.” After a few months John said he didn’t need to come anymore, but said he would want to see a Pastoral Mentor if he felt he needed to in the future.

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Tina's Story

14 year-old Tina came to mentoring sessions very anxious about the prospect of her mock exams occurring around the anniversary date of her dad’s death. She had never talked about her dad’s death before but was given the space to do this with her Mentor and to make a memory jar to commemorate him. At the end of her sessions she said that she felt much happier than at the start. She said “I’m able to see the positives in life and can focus in lessons for the exams.”

* Image of 'Tina' - A Model has been used in place of Tina to protect his identity