How We Work

As a charity, we seek to make a genuine, positive and lasting difference to young people’s lives as they work through the challenges of loss, whether that be family breakdown or bereavement. We value each and every young person and centre a great deal of our work around their story and their capacity for growth and positive change in the face of suffering and loss. Our experience of building attentive relationships through mentoring has shown us what a huge impact can be made by the smallest things: listening, equipping and encouraging. 

Mentoring is dynamic practice. Things change. People grow and develop through a process. There are ups and downs and no short cuts. 

In our role we walk alongside young people and employ theories of loss; person-centred counselling skills; creative activities and solution focused strategies to enhance their social and emotional skills and facilitate the growth of their resilience. 

This Way up is a valuable part of the caring community we want to encourage.

- Councillor Ken Meeson, Cabinet Member for Children, Education and Skills